• This is an Arabic word which means peace, purity, acceptance and commitment.
  • The literal religious meaning of Islam is “surrender to the will of god”.  A Muslim is one who follows Islam.
  • The Holy Book of Islam is the Quran which is the last revealed word of god.
  • Muslims are charged with the 5 Pillars of Islam:-
    1. Declaration of faith.
    2. The mandatory 5 daily prayers (facing Mecca).
    3. The fast of Ramadan (in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar). No Muslim must eat, drink or indulge in pleasure between the period dawn to dusk.
    4. Give alms to the poor.
    5. Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime. (If physically & financially able)
  • Muslims attach great importance to cleanliness: Hands, feet, and mouth are always washed before prayer.  After menstruation, the whole body is washed.  A shower is preferred to a bath.  After a bedpan is used washing facilities should be offered.
  • Women often react strongly to male Doctors and Nurses and find contact shameful.
  • Muslims of both sexes are modest in their dress and outlook. Due consideration should be given to this important factor during hospital procedures and routines. Muslims may be reluctant to wear western style nightgowns.
  • Termination of pregnancy is not allowed.
  • Following spontaneous abortion, tissue is treated as dead if before 130 days, after this period it is classed as a fully developed human being and must receive a funeral ceremony.
  • Halal food is prepared in a special way.
  • Pork, bacon, ham and alcohol are forbidden.
  • Patients may wish to sit or lie facing Mecca (South East).
  • Family or friends may sit with the patient reading the Holy Quran and making supplications.
  • Post Mortem is only allowed if required by law.
  • Organ donation may be refused but a special commission of 1982 did declare organ donation permissible.
  • After death DO NOT WASH THE BODY.
  • Where no relatives are available staff should wear gloves.
  • Avoid direct contact with the body.
  • The body should face towards Mecca, and the head should be turned towards the right shoulder before rigor mortis begins.
  • The body can be made respectable in the usual way i.e. combing hair and straightening limbs.
  • The family will ritually wash the body before burial.