Graham Ellams, Healthcare Assistant

The e-learning version of the “Opening the Spiritual Gate” course was extremely easy to use. I found no problems navigating my way around from one part of the course to the next as it was so intuitive.

The course material was very informative and interesting; in fact it was extremely thought provoking and prompted me to examine, somewhat, my own spirituality. In doing this I discovered that I could recognise the differences between spirituality and religion; appreciate how they can both be, in their own ways, important factors in a person’s holistic well being and, therefore, important factors to consider when providing holistic care.

Having finished the course I feel much more confident in being able to recognise when my patients may be in spiritual distress and feel that I have acquired proven techniques with which I can try to facilitate my patients addressing the issues that may be distressing them.

I am sure that anyone doing the course will find it rewarding and come away from it understanding how they can make a difference.

Graham Ellams
Healthcare Assistant

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