1. Our Commitment to Privacy.
2. 1.1 Scope. OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  (“OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, “) realizes the importance of respecting and protecting your privacy. We respect your right to privacy. OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  does not sell, rent, share or disclose personal information to third parties without your prior consent, except in the circumstances described in this Privacy Statement. In addition, your ability to make informed choices about the uses of your information is important to OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, . This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) discloses the information that is collected by OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  or its third parties, the ways in which we, or our third parties processes and, sometimes, share such information, and your rights and options. This Privacy Policy applies to any user who accesses OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, website, whether in or outside of the United Kingdom.
3. 1.3 Advertisements, Content, Promotions and Services.The Site may include, without limitation, advertisements displayed on or through the Site collectively, “Advertisements”), text, images, photos, audio, music, videos, materials, comments, or other content displayed on or shared through the Site, whether provided by or on behalf of OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, , or uploaded or posted by users (collectively, “Content”), sweepstakes, contests, rewards programs, special offers or other promotions (collectively, “Promotions”), interactive features, ecommerce, and other services made available on or through the Site, or which enable OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  to operate, maintain and provide the Site (collectively, “Services”).
4. 1.4 Other Websites and Mobile Applications. Except where otherwise expressly indicated herein or on the Site, this Privacy Policy applies only to information collected on the Site and does not apply to information collected outside of the Site by other websites or mobile applications, such as OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, ‘s native mobile application, which is governed by its own privacy policy. Before using or submitting information to other websites or mobile applications, please review their privacy policies carefully.
5. 1.5 Members. Certain areas of the Site contain information intended only for users who create an account, join or otherwise register to use these areas on the Site (“Members”) and OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  reserves the right to limit these areas to Members. This Privacy Policy addresses OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, ‘s privacy practices relating to general use of the Site, as well as use of the Site by Members.
OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  collects the following types of information from users of the Site:
7. 2.1 Personal Information. OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  may collect and process any information that you choose to enter on the Site or provide to OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  in any other way that would allow OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  to identify you or contact you (collectively “Personal Information”). The Personal Information that you provide will be used by OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  only in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Examples of Personal Information OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  may collect from you and use are:
a. the information you provide to become a Member;
b. the email addresses of those who upload, post or share Content on the Site;
c. the names and email addresses of those who communicate with OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  by email;
d. information you provide to OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  in surveys and polls on the Site;
e. information you provide to OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  in the entry form for some Promotions offered on the Site and information provided by winners or recipients of those Promotions for a required background check or for tax purposes;
f. in certain circumstances, payment and identity verification information, such as credit card number or other payment information in connection with a purchase made through the Site, such as purchasing a subscription; and
g. information about other people that you provide in connection with your use of the Site or Services or sharing Content.
You can choose not to provide OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  with certain Personal Information, but then you may not be able to take advantage of many features of the Site, such as posting comments, uploading or sharing Content, registering to use certain restricted areas of the Site, participating in OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, ‘s online community, entering or participating in Promotions on the Site, purchasing goods or accessing Services, purchasing a subscription, or receiving email alerts or newsletters.
1. 2.2 Automatic Information. OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  may collect and process certain types of information whenever you interact with OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  through the Site. OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  automatically receives and records your browser information, operating system information, IP address, Device ID, cookie information and the page you requested. This information will not be stored in a manner that is personally identifiable with you.
2. 2.3 Aggregate Information. In connection with your visit or use of the Site, OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  may automatically collect usage information, such as the numbers and frequency of users and their characteristics and information about similar groups of users, certain age groups or users that live in a particular geographical area. This data is only used in the aggregate as a statistical measure and not in a manner that would identify you personally. Aggregate information generally is collected through the use of cookies and Web Beacons as discussed below.
3. 2.4 Email, Sharing and Communications. When you send an email to OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, , either through the button on the Site or otherwise, OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  may retain your email address and the contents of the email that you send. When you post, upload or share Content through the Site or communicate with other users through the Site, OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  may retain copies of your Content. If you want to keep the information in your email(s), posting(s), upload(s), share(s) or communication(s), private or proprietary, please do not send, post, upload, share, or communicate, such information or Content to OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  or through the Site. To help OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  make its emails more interesting and helpful, OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  also may receive a confirmation when you open email from OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  if your computer or device supports this type of program.
4. 2.5 Social Network Profile Information. If you interact with OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, , the Site, Content, Promotions, or Services, through a social network or by connecting your Member account with your social network account, then you may be permitting OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  to access certain information from your social network profile (such as your name, email address, your friend list, photos, age, gender, location, birthday, social networking ID, current city, or the people/sites you follow). If you don’t want to allow a social network to share such information with OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  and other third parties, please review the privacy settings and instructions of the applicable social network before you connect your Member account with your social network account.
5. Information Collected by Third Parties.
OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  may allow third parties to display or provide Advertisements, Content, Promotions or Services on or through the Site. OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, , its partners and/or advertisers, or social networks, may use third party servers to serve or present the Advertisements, Content, Promotions or Services that appear on the Site and to conduct research about the Advertisements, Content, Promotions or Services. Any of these third party servers may collect non-personal information, such as your browser, operating system, date/time of viewing, IP address, Device ID, or clickstream data. OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  cannot control the activities of such third parties, web sites or social networks. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS POLICY DOES NOT COVER THE COLLECTION AND USE OF INFORMATION BY SUCH THIRD PARTY SERVERS OR SOCIAL NETWORKS.
6. Tracking Technologies.
OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  or its third parties may use tracking technologies, such as cookies and Web Beacons, to collect information about users who visit or use the Site and view or interact with Advertisements, Content, Promotions or Services on or through the Site.
7. 1 Cookies. OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET, uses “cookies” to help you access and navigate the Site more efficiently and to statistically monitor how many people are using the Site.
a. A “cookie” is a small file or tool stored on your computer or device containing information that allows OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  to deliver customized information to you. OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  uses both “session” and “persistent” cookies on the Site. Session cookies are temporary bits of information that are erased once you exit your web browser or turn off your computer or device. Persistent cookies are more permanent bits of information that are placed on the hard drive of your computer or device and stay there unless you delete the cookie. Persistent cookies store information on your computer or device for a number of reasons, such as retrieving certain information you have previously provided (i.e., username and password), helping to determine what areas of the Site you find most valuable and customizing the Site based on your preferences on an ongoing basis.
b. You may set your browser to notify you of or decline the receipt of cookies. Certain features of the Site, including certain Content, Promotions or Services, may not, however, function properly or be available if your browser is configured to disable cookies. Many companies offer programs that help you to visit web sites anonymously. While OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  will not be able to provide you with a personalized experience if OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  cannot recognize you, OPENINGTHESPIRITUALGATE.NET,  wants you to be aware that these programs are available.