Dawn Valentine-Gray

I have recently completed Opening the Spiritual Gate course on line. It is the most enlightening course I have participated in.

At first I was apprehensive. Was on line learning for me? – I’m not that IT literate, and usually get a lot from a group discussion.

Once I logged on, each session guided me through with ease and clear instruction on what to do next. Particularly liked the styles, and narrative, the layout of the screen,  the tasks and discussion forums. It also allowed me to pace my learning so I could reflect on what had been said in my own time.

The discussion forums were really interesting, the more I participated the more I got from them. I shared my thoughts and feelings in this non threatening environment more easily than in a classroom.  On reflection I feel I participated more in this format than face to face. I felt my comments were valued and respected. Again it allowed me to reflect on other people comments at my own pace and I felt I never missed an opportunity to respond.

I have found the communication session very useful and am using it in my practice. The recording and reporting have made me really think about what needs to be disclosed – found this exercise fun.

On the whole I would recommend it to all even if not ‘IT savvy’. I feel more confident in supporting the patients, families and myself.

A fabulous learning environment, I was able to pace myself, and I felt I contributed more than I expected to and all my contribution were valued by the people In the group.

Dawn Valentine-Gray,
Clinical Nurse Specialist

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